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Early Signals Of At-Risk Employees

Human Capital has never been more strategic to business success. Hybrid home/office working conditions, overlapping generations, different expectations from employers and new employee experience journeys have all created a new model for maintaining a thriving business. What hasn't changed is the cost and disruption caused when high performers voluntarily leave your organization. Quite often surveys, management check-ins and exit interviews are "too little, too late" to provide insights regarding core issues. Well run companies want to fix work culture problems, but often lack visibility into the real issues that need to be fixed. 


RSquared is a cloud-based platform that securely and safely analyzes employee attitudes and interactions through emails, chat messages, and other digital communications using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). 

Do you know which high performers are at risk of attrition?


RSquared provides scores for both groups and individuals to give an objective, data-driven measurement of attrition risk. The solution calculates employee risk considering multiple factors including interaction between teams, collaboration, inclusion, manager relationship, message volume, meeting participation, centrality, sentiment and many more. 

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Attrition risk takes dozens on factors including:

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