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Inclusion in the Workplace Has Never Been More Strategic

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Numerous discussions are currently taking place about this unique time in history due to the confluence of two major issues. The first being the drastic change to our daily routines (aka “life as we know it”) caused by the global pandemic and having to work from home, and the second being the intense and unwavering focus on racism in America. Both these disrupters together are leading many to ask if their jobs have meaning and whether employers are doing enough to create diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Plenty of research before COVID19 indicated that prevailing employee sentiments were already leaning towards the feeling that companies can do better at inclusion, and that employee’s sense of meaning and purpose at work is directly influenced by whether they feel included in their organization. 

The convergence of the disruption in business as usual with the growing rise in visibility, force and number of people demanding racial equality, is creating the perfect storm. The opportunity to effect real changes has never been more clear, after years of what many recognize as mostly talking without any noticeable action.  So then, what does action leading to effective and lasting change look like? 

[Recent McKinsey Article: Understanding organizational barriers to a more inclusive workplace]

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