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Invest in your Relationship with Your Employees

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

A Unique DEI Program Focused on Systemic Change

As challenges permeate organizations, oftentimes companies miss the mark on developing a comprehensive plan to shift culture, create awareness and develop their organization, properly positioning themselves for growth. It’s critical that the leadership extends BEYOND THE BOARDROOM and gets serious about DEI. This multi-month, multi-level program provides the messages, measurements and meaningful tools that create change — improving company culture, growing the bottom line.

The Executive Institute on Inclusion (EII) is a program where corporate America works together with our faculty and channel partners to achieve equity and advance opportunities for all. All across the country, companies that engage with the EII will:

  • make a commitment to achieve fair practices and equity;

  • focus on the power of their own institutions’ policies, practices, pay and pipeline; and

  • work in partnership with the EII to create and implement sustainable plans.

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