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Solving the WFH vs Office Dilemma

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“What will your organization look like when everyone doesn’t have to work from home?”

You’re undoubtedly looking at productivity metrics, employee interviews and surveys along with real estate costs and your IT infrastructure. But, taking the pulse of every employee’s mindset is now a very distributed and difficult challenge. Simple metrics like email volumes and survey results seem a bit lacking in the nuanced understanding we instinctively know that we need as managers. Imagine if you could spend an hour with each employee. You’d ask about whether they were engaged with as many peers as they were in the office. Were they connecting with as many new employees as they grew their work networks? Were they collaborating and helping co-workers as frequently as they did pre-COVID?

Big Data has been called the oil of the 21st century. Extracting value from this precious resource can provide a huge competitive advantage. Most likely your company is utilizing some combination of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) within sales, marketing, finance, or other traditional disciplines. However, it has been beyond the reach of all except the largest F100 companies to even begin to consider deep text-based analytics.

Why not go deeper and measure Employee Engagement, Collaboration, Sentiment and Connectivity? Data won’t replace management and experience in making these critical decisions regarding the post-COVID workplace. But it can add rich and unbiased data elements by applying AI/NLP models to your actual communications. RSquared can help you gain this deep and granular level of insight.

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