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Data-Driven Insights Regarding Organizational Changes

Change is constant and inevitable. From reorganizations, to reductions in force (RIFs), to M&A activities, to promotions and resignations - enterprises are continuously evolving. Senior managers and HR leaders rely on performance reviews, stack rankings and opinions to decide who stays and who goes. But what about other important factors to consider - internal collaboration on projects? And existing relationships with your key customers, suppliers and partners? Will relationships become abandoned or degraded, and how do you quickly rebuild these communication links after someone leaves?


RSquared is a cloud-based platform that securely analyzes employee collaboration, centrality and engagement through emails, chat messages, and other digital communications using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). 

Do you know which internal collaboration links will be degraded when employees leave?

The time savings when modeling organizational changes is invaluable, but even more significantly, we finally have transparency into the organizational map of a company's people and their relationships (both internal and external) that previously were impossible to obtain. RSquared fills a former black hole in this process."

-- Tom McDonough, Managing Partner, TJM Capital Partners

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RSquared provides scores for both groups and individuals to give an objective, data-driven measurement of performance to verify organizational "connectedness". The solution calculates employee engagement, centrality and importance considering multiple factors including interaction between teams, message volume, email response time, meeting participation and many more. In this way, advanced technology gives you objective, data-driven measurements with greater accuracy and speed to drive optimal reorganization decisions.

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Predicting the impact of organizational change takes in dozens of factors including:

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