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Data Security


RSquared has designed its award-winning software to be secure, taking the highest care of the data to which we are entrusted. The software complies fully with the European GDPR law of May 2018. To ensure RSquared is compliant with the latest regulations, we constantly review and update our internal processes and policies to meet security standards for data handling, cryptography, software development, and personnel training. 

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RSquared takes the responsibility for holding your data seriously and has many safeguards and practices in place to ensure that we are a proper custodian of the data with which we are entrusted.


Our executive team including Dan Udoutch as CEO, Sudhakar Ravi as Chief Architect, and Lawrence Spracklen as CTO each have 20+ years of experience building secure enterprise companies. Their products have always met the highest requirements for privacy, security, and availability. They each have experience running large scale, mission critical applications. 


Minimum Necessary Retention


Data is retained for the minimum time required to perform the tasks necessary of the software to meet our contractual obligations and to provide services to each of our customers, or to comply with applicable laws if required. 

All data is encrypted at rest and in flight between different networks, following NIST SP 800-175B recommendations. All such data is encrypted and then purged a minimum 90 days after termination of any applicable engagement contract. Data transfer to RSquared occurs over strongly authenticated and encrypted APIs.

Automatic Algorithm Scoring 

Customer communications processed by RSquared are scored and dispatched by algorithm, without any steps performed by humans. Dedicated staff is responsible for complying with information security, risk management, and data handling policies. 

Minimum Necessary Access

All data is processed within a closed Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted environment, with highly managed access control and encryption to keys controlled by RSquared. 

We conduct comprehensive background checks on all our employees, and continually review and test our processes to ensure security at every step of our data pipeline. Every one of our subcontractors and data processors is GDPR compliant and adheres to the same strict security standards as RSquared.

Access to the RSquared platform is authenticated using our SAML compliant federated identity provider.


Customer Control, Anonymity, and Aggregation 


We have built our platform and processes to give you options and put you in full control. Customizable engagement options with RSquared empower you to manage anonymity and aggregation of data as it is presented from RSquared. We ensure that you are always the manager of your employee's personal data and that you determine how this data is made available to your administrative users.


We import all communication metadata and algorithmically process content to extract objective scores for each communication. You are in control of which data is presented anonymously and aggregated as a team, department, or organization-wide metric. 


Our mission has always been to help organizations assess and improve their company culture, foster inclusive behavior, and maintain a safe workplace. We believe that application of technology towards these goals improves the lives of organizational employees and contributes to a healthy work environment. 

RSquared retains an ethics advisory board, comprised of a broad range of HR and technology professionals, to ensure that we continue to build technology for the good of both employers and employees.

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