Actionable Insights Regarding Organizational Health and Risk Areas

Understanding the organizational health of a portfolio or target company's workforce is critical for successful private equity outcomes. Traditional methods for gathering this information don't accurately measure organizational strengths and weaknesses. Research shows that culture is a significant factor causing underperforming transactions. What if there was a better way to ensure deals achieve their promised value?


RSquared is a cloud-based platform that securely analyzes employee sentiment, centrality and engagement through their emails, chat messages, and other digital communications using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). 

Do you know how well departments collaborate within the organizations you're evaluating?

The time savings when performing due diligence for an acquisition are invaluable, but even more significantly, we finally have transparency into the organizational health of a company's people and their relationships that previously were impossibly to obtain. RSquared fills a former black hole in the due diligence process."

-- Tom McDonough, Managing Partner, TJM Capital Partners 


RSquared provides scores for both groups and individuals to give an objective, data-driven measurement of performance to verify organizational robustness. The solution calculates employee engagement considering multiple factors including interaction between teams, message volume, email response time, meeting participation and many more. In this way, advanced technology gives you objective, data-driven measurements with greater accuracy and speed to drive efficient deal making.

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Organizational health takes in dozens of factors including:

 HOME                  COMPANY                 SOLUTION                RESOURCES                 CONTACT                PRVACY POLICY               SECURITY

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